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Coral Hotels El Cotillo in fuerteventura, world reference in slow tourism auf Teneriffa und Fuerteventura

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El Cotillo in fuerteventura, world reference in slow tourism | Coral Hotels

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El Cotillo in fuerteventura, world reference in slow tourism

April 17 2020
Kulturtourismus Natur und Sport Aktivitäten
If there is a place in the world that perfectly fits the definition of this new way of living tourism, it is the fishing village of El Cotillo, on the Majorera island of Fuerteventura.
But what exactly is Slow Tourism?

It is actually a philosophy of life applied to travel. In today's world, where we suffer from hyperconnectivity and digital saturation, where we are valued for the number of likes we accumulate, where a frenetic pace of life is imposed on us that does not let us stop even during the holidays, more and more people feel the need to reconnect with themselves and to regain the ability to enjoy little things.
This new way of traveling seeks to reconnect with the basic values of tourism to achieve a real and true experience, directly related to well-being and respect for the environment. It cannot be said that slow tourism and sustainable tourism overlap widely.

The center of the tourist experience falls on the slow traveler himself, who tries to find real and authentic situations during his journey, avoiding resorting to artificial experiences. The slow traveler is one who is able to delve into tradition and the local community, while being responsible and conscious while visiting the place, since only then will they be able to enjoy the authenticity of the destination. If you are willing to make a halt in your fast-paced and stressful lifestyle, let yourself go by the passage of time without having to look at the clock continuously, forget about planning and planning, allowing things to just happen, changing your way of relating with the environment and integrate into the destination, communicate with its inhabitants and be part of their customs, is that you are a real slow traveler and El Cotillo is your place.

Come to El Cotillo. Join the slow movement.

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